My Name is Cody Turtle. I studied art at California College of the Arts where I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts. I have been exhibiting my work up and down the west coast for the past several years. My work is hanging on walls all over the US, as well as Switzerland, Philippines, Australia, England and Japan.

I was thinking the other day how my love of koi and nature in general is so intertwined with my artwork. As I develop my knowledge and eye for koi it then influences my art. I also love to spend time outdoors and look for the patterns in everything around us and how to translate that onto paper. As an artist I’m on a never-ending journey of understanding. The world of art and koi are similar in the sense that both are a constant learning process.

I look forward to continuing my journey of art and koi and sharing what I discover with the world.




(510) 384-2080

Giclee prints on 13" x 19" archival watercolor paper $80